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Years of Fasts of Gandhi

1913 (Phoenix)

Penitential fast for a week for moral lapses of two immediate at the settlement

1914 (Phoenix)

Fourteen days fast for similar reason

01 June, 1915

Fasted for a day on detecting untruth among Ashram boys

11 September, 1915

Gave up evening meal due to some Ashramaties objection to the admission of a Harijan in the Ashram

15 March, 1918

For a rise in the wages of mill workers of Ahmedabad

06 April, 1919

First day of Satyagraha fight

13 April, 1919

Began fast for 72 hours for Jallianwala Bagh massacre at Amritsar and disturbances at Bombay and Ahmedabad.

19-21 Nov., 1921

Fasted owing to disturbances at Bombay

28 November, 1921

Took vow to fast for 24 hours every Monday till Swaraj was won and started it from that day.

12-16 Feb., 1922

Owing to the massacre at Chauri Chaura

17 Sep. to 7 Oct., 1924

For communal unity

24-30 Nov., 1925

For having detected sexual aberrations in some boys and girls of the Ashram.

22-24 June, 1928

Owing to moral lapse of an Ashram inmate

20-25 Sept., 1932

In protest against the decision to setup separate electorate for the Harijans.       

03 December, 1932

In protest against Government not allowing a fellow prisoner to do scavenging work

08-29 May, 1932

For self purification and of his colleagues.

16-22 August, 1933

In protest against Government’s decision not to grant all the facilities for Harijan work which he was having previously in Jail.

07-13 August, 1934

An irrate reformer attacked an opponent of the Harijan upliftment movement with a lathi.  Started fast to atone.

03-06 March, 1939

For the breach of promise by the Rajkot ruler.

12-13 Nov., 1940

Fasted for two days for minor thefts in the Ashram

05-07 May, 1941

Because of communal riots in Bombay and Ahmedabad

29 June, 1941

For communal unity

10-03 March, 1943

In protest against Government’s propaganda that the responsibility of disturbances after Quit India resolution was that of Congress.

30 November, 1944

Fasted or thought of fasting for one or more days. Details and reason could not be traced.

20 October, 1946

Probably on account of an error by the person who prepared the fair copy of a letter written during negotiations with the Muslim League.

15 August, 1947

Against partition of the country

01 to 03 Sept., 1947

For communal harmony

11 October, 1947

Birth date according to Vikram calendar. Fasted instead of celebrating it.

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