In Foreign Countries

1. Mr. Christian Bartolf:- Christian Bartolf is a Political and Educational Scientist (post-graduate, graduated with two University Diploma 1986 and 1987, Departments for Educational and Political Sciences, Free University Berlin, Germany). He has visited India (1985, 1998), Israel (1989-1997), Russia (1991-1995, 2000) and several European countries. He has served as a Counsellor for Conscientious Objectors and Director of the Peace Education Media Center for the Protestant Church District in Berlin-Spandau (Germany) (1991-1999) and the Ecumenical Center for Ecology, Peace and One World in Berlin-Spandau (since 2000).

He has contributed to International Conferences on Conscientious Objection and Civilian Peace Services in: Belgium (1991), France (1992), Turkey (1993), Russia (1994), Greece (1995), Belarus (1995), Belgium (1996), Italy (1997) and to Contributions to International Conferences on Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi: "Tolstoy and Ecology" (Tolstoy Society Moscow, Institute for Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) 1994, "East-West: A Dialogue between Civilizations" (Russian Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow, Russia) 1995, "Gandhi and the Twenty first Century" (Gandhi Peace Foundation, Gujarat Vidyapith, Institute of Gandhian Studies, Delhi / Wardha, India) 1998, "Tolstoy and World Literature" (Leo Tolstoy Estate Museum, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia) 2000.
Founder and Director,
Gandhi Information Center
Research and Education for Nonviolence
P.O. Box 210109
10501 Berlin (Germany)

E-Mail: mkgandhi@snafu.de
Internet: http://home.snafu.de/mkgandhi

He has many works published in English and German languages.

2. Capt. Charles Alphin, Sr.


3996 Brookside Parkway
Georgia 30034, U.S

Tel. No: 770-981-8718

3. Mr. Mark Shepard

E-mail: Markshep@aol.com

4. Mr. George Willoughby:- A resident of Southern New Jersey, USA has been spreading the word of peace through teams of nonviolent peace makers in regions of conflict. Having been introduced to Gandhi's philosophy of ahimsa in his college days, Willoughby gave up his position as an army officer during World War II and instead helped found the World Peace Brigades (based on Gandhiji's idea of a Shanti Sena) in 1961, now called the Peace Brigades International. He is ably supported by his wife, Dr. Lillian in his work on the theme of nonviolent conflict resolution since the 1940s. He has also worked in close association with the Quaker community. 17 years ago, the couple also helped found the Philadelphia Life Center, a training centre for young people in nonviolent conflict resolution.

Dr. Willoughby, this was awarded Jamnalal Bajaj International Award for promoting Gandhian values outside India.


340, Pine Ave. DeptFord,
New Jersey-08096, USA.

Tel No. / Fax.- 856-227-5723

E-mail: geowilby@juno.com

5. Stephen Murphy

E-mail: stmrhy@apex.net.au

6. Dr. James Hunt

E-mail: JamesHunt@aol.com

7. Mr. Peter Ruhe

He is a German by birth, but travels extensively to India. By Profession he is a computer Programmer, but his main interest are in the promotion of Gandhi literature. He holds the position as a technical Advisor to Gandhi Media foundation, is a honorary director of the historic photo department at Dinodia Picture Agency, an advisor to international Gandhian Movement, Canberra-Australia, Consultant to various media projects on Gandhi all over the world, such as films, CD-ROMS, exhibitions, CDs, records, Publications & visual shows.

E-mail: peterruhe@hotmail.com

8. Dr. Anthony Parel

Email: parel@ucalgary.ca

9. Mr. Hagen Berndt

(Director)- Non-violence Peace Training Center -Kurve Wustrow

Email: h.berndt@oln.comlink.apc.org

10. Ms. Margaret Pestorius

Email: nonviolence@iig.com.au

11. Mr. Ananda Pandiri:- He was the former head Circulation and Reserves librarian. In April 1988, presented a lecture titled "Mahatma Gandhi; The Man" organized by the Research and studies committee of SCSU. He had interview with Mr. Morarji Desai, Ex-Prime Minister of India and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi in 1987. He has compiled and published a 34-page booklet for the Gandhi conference in 1981.

Email: anandapandiri@yahoo.com

12. Dr. Vivek Pinto

Email: vivekpinto@vsnl.com

13. Prof. Douglas Allen:- For Douglas Allen , professor of philosophy at the University of Maine, USA, peace activism has been a way of life for close to 40 years. An ardent admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, he has been active in the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war struggle, anti-apartheid and feminist movements and more recently anti-Iraq protest.

He continues to do Gandhi research, teaching, and service. In June he gave a Gandhi lecture at a peacemaking conference in Maine and another Gandhi lecture at an international conference in comparative philosophy in California. Recently, he completed a new study, "Gandhi After 9/11: Terrorism, Violence, and the Other," for a book he's editing entitled, 'Comparative Philosophy in Times of Terror'. He is also editing another book entitled, 'The Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi for the Twenty-First Century'.

Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
The Maples
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469 USA
Tel: 207-581-3860
Fax: 207-581-2928

Email: dallen@maine.edu or douglas.allen@umit.maine.edu