Philosophy of Revolution
(excerpts from all the important chapters of Dada Dharmadhikari's book
"Philosophy of Total Revolution")
Written by : Dada Dharmadhikari
Second Edition, 2,000 Copies, November 1999
Total Edition,4,000 copies
Fourth Reprint, 2,000 Copies, April 1996
Price : Rs. 20/-

Published by : Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, Rajghat, Varanashi 221 002, India.
Printed by : Surabhi Printers, Maldahia, Varanasi 221 002, India
Navajivan Trust, 1947
Dada Dharmadhikari

A Revolutionary Mind The Means and End Of Revolution
Who Will Make This Revolution? Gandhiji's Revolutionary Genius
Gandhiji's Concept of Trusteeship Relevance of Gandhi
Women and Revolution Mutual Fellowship of Man and Woman
Vegetarianism: Faith in the unity of life