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Aim and Objects & Activities:

Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal / Gandhi Book Centre is a GANDHIAN CHARITABLE TRUST having noted Gandhians amongst its midst and undertakes various constructive Programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings, Youth Camps, etc. in pursuance of the teachings of Gandhi, Vinobaji and J.P.


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We've given our tremendous efforts in making this site a supreme collection of the Works, Life, Teachings, and Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.

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This is a comprehensive site for Researchers, Scholars, Activists, Students and all. Includes a large collection of links to get more information on Gandhi, Non-Violence, Peace and Conflict Resolution and is developed by non-profitable Gandhi Institution.

Propagation of Gandhi Literature :

To educate and create awareness in the minds of the masses we propagate ethical books pertaining to Gandhi , Vinoba and Sarvodaya by putting up exhibitions at various places, schools & colleges. We also sell, thought provoking and spiritual books of Shri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Chinmayananda, J. Krishnamurthy and children's books, so that their message reaches the masses.

Peace Work:

We are constantly moving to inculcate the spirit of Peace, Love and Brotherhood and to promote communal amity. We organise Peace Marches and Mass-Walks with the focus on crucial global issues like a Nuclear Free World, Nonviolence, Communal Harmony, and International Peace.

Youth Camps:

Camps are organised for students in tribal villages to motivate them on Gandhian Philosophies. They are assigned responsibilities to inculcate the spirit of social awareness, national integration and other Gandhian values, so as to utilize their services for the betterment of mankind.

Promotion of Village Products:

Village industries are promoted, by encouraging the production and sale of Khadi clothes, honey, soap, leather goods, ghani oils, etc. This is to provide the village with a means to arrest the exodus of their youngsters to the city in search for employment.

The Gandhi Book Centre is also one of the largest source of Gandhian Literature, Photographs, etc.