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A force more powerful:

a Century of non-violent conflict

"Non-Violence : It is not one form , it is the only form...It is the greatest and the activist force in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi


Salt March, 1930



A riveting , new three-hour documentary, on the PBS Television - A FORCE MORE POWERFUL: A CENTURY OF NONVIOLENT CONFLICT, tells one of humanity's most important and least understood stories - how, during a century of extreme violence, millions of chose to battle brutality and oppression with nonviolent weapons - and won.

The series, made by filmmaker Steeve York, tells six stories: the students sit-in movement and boycott that broke the system of segregation in Nashville, Tennessee; Gandhi's campaign against British rule in India; the consumer boycott campaigns against apartheid in South Africa; the valiant resistance of Danish citizens to Nazi invaders; Solidarity's factory occupations and strikes that won the right to free trade unions in Poland; and the people's movement that challenged and eventually defeated the dictatorship of Gen.Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

For more: click http://www.pbs.org/weta/forcemorepowerful/series

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